Birthday, Birth Date Newspaper Boxed Plus Victorian Paper 1913 1923 1933 1943 1953 1963 1973 Canadian, American, International, British


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Your Birth-date or Anniversary Historic Newspaper will be a complete original edition from our extensive archive of Original Historic newspapers.

YOU WILL ALSO RECEIVE A Original London Times 100 YEARS BEFORE THE RECIPIENT WAS BORN (Paper Supplied will be the Closest Date 100 years before date requested).

Archive Quality Presentation Box
Your choice of an authentic Newspaper makes a wonderful, thoughtful, unique and personal Anniversary, Golden Wedding or special Birthday gift for family, friends and business associates.

We have an extensive collection of original newspapers, as well as comics and re-prints.

This newspaper is an original copy of a British, American, International, Canadian newspaper for the date of your choice.

Some dates are unavailable and in this case we will supply the nearest date/title available

Please don't hesitate to contact us through eBay messaging with any specific dates or inquiries.

Professional high quality packing.

newspapers for very special occasions

From our massive archive of news papers we can with 99.9% certainty match your special gift occasion be it birth-date, anniversary, gold,, silver, diamond, ruby, even paper.

No matter what the headlines or content the most important content is THE DATE. To the recipient that date is very special.

Receiving such a gift is the opportunity to search for the exciting or mundane stories, read the gossip, understand the prejudices of the period, gasp at the fashions and recall names of the great and small and good, bad and sometimes evil.

To help preserve this newspaper we enclose in a vinyl display case and enclose instructions on the preservation of this original piece but still the newspaper is vulnerable and deserving of great care. Therefore no sunlight and not to be exposed to high temperatures. For centuries our priceless history has been preserved intact by libraries, universities and colleges and museums. However progress demanded that we preserve our newspaper history by microfilming. This was done and the decades of history were simply dumped. Microfilmed editions it was discovered had a far far shorter life than the original and digital storage was decided was the perfect solution. Sadly the hardware and necessary software becomes quickly dated and keeping storage systems accessible requires vigilance and continued investment.

Like rare works of art, these authentic, well-preserved, historic newspapers increase in value every year. These are not just front pages, but are actual and complete* editions of U.S. newspapers.

Certificate of Authenticity included.

HISTORICAL DATES AND MAJOR EVENTS. (Please note some dates are unavailable)

First Flight - The Wright Brothers, Sinking of the Titanic, WWI - President Wilson Signs Peace Treaty, The Great Stock Crash of 1929, Lindbergh's Non-Stop Flight Across the Atlantic, Lou Gehrig's Farewell Address at Yankee Stadium, Bombing of Pearl Harbor, Japan Surrenders, Assassination of JFK, Martin Luther King Jr. Assassinated, Astronauts Walk on the Moon, Nixon Resigns, Sporting events and record breaking sporting news. The World Series, Super Bowls, NBA Championships and NHL Stanley Cups.

The original vintage newspaper is endangered.

We have briefly outlined the history of the vandalised newspaper because we are emphasising the importance of preserving this totally irreplaceable historical resource.There is no better place than in the security of individuals and families and the more newspapers and magazines find their way to such homes the less likely that progress will destroy what remains.

And who knows the content might now or in the future attract collectors, researchers or historians anxious to locate an only remaining copy.

To whom it may concern-----“read happily and please take care of this precious newspaper

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